Matt Lee

I'm Matt Lee, one of the folks behind behind Foo Communications, a company/experiment in music and social media, including, a new social media platform that offers musicians exclusive promotion and play in exchange for licensing their music under a free culture license, and GNU social, a federated social networking project.

My GNU social microblog is where you can find me saying a lot of things. If you're not on the network, a lot of it gets crossposted to Twitter.

I'm also working on several creative projects, including a comic book and several short-run movie and TV projects.

In addition, I like wargames, crocodiles, detective shows, transit history, and retro computing.

Free software

Matt is the maintainer of several GNU projects, including GNU FM and GNU social.

GNU FM and GNU social are written in PHP and licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, a free software license for the web.

As an invited expert, Matt also serves on the working group for HTML5 and previously served on the incubator group for Social Web at the World Wide Web Consortium.

[FSF Associate Member]

Free culture

Matt is part of the internet sensation, furny, one of the first bands to establish themselves in free culture. Their first album, 1999-2005 is unavailable due to its heavy use of unauthorized sampling. Their second, More Mature Escapades in Hi-Fi is released under a copyleft license.

In 2008, Matt Lee wrote and was the executive producer of the short film, “Happy Birthday to GNU” — featuring the British comedian and writer, Stephen Fry.

Blog posts

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On email

If you want to send me an email, send it to: (please use my GPG key if you wish to send me anything encrypted).

I prefer to receive encrypted email from people I know.

If you sent me something and I didn't reply within about five days, send it again. If that doesn't get you a reply, send it to rob at, my business partner Rob Myers who amongst other things, keeps me looking at my email.

Please feel try instant messaging me via XMPP (or Google Talk) at my given email address, or catching me on IRC in where I am 'mattl'.